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Looking for professional property managers in down south Sri Lanka ? Realty Lanka is a privately owned and operated residential property Management Company built on experience, integrity and top service.

"Taking the Stress out of your investment"
We have experienced the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of property management! We understand the frustration and annoyance when things are not completed on time or not been up to standards. That's why we would like to take the boring, time consuming tardy work out of your hand and let you enjoy the perks. Life is so much easier when you let management Company handle it so we know what we are doing and are professional in how we do it.

"All the property management companies say they are the best so what's different with you guys…"
We have been in the business for over 12 years and counting. The knowledge and the hands on personalized service we provide to our customers makes us unique from the rest. Our Management Company works closely with locals to get the maximum results. Been a fully locally owned and managed company gives us the added advantage when working closely with the local employees and Government officials. This would benefit you as clients since we can ensure that there want be any foul play involved.

Irrespective of the title, our services include scheduled inspections of "barelands/ properties " while the owner is away or not. These inspections include a basic check of the status of fencing, possible encroachments, clearing of shrubs and the overall condition of the property/land.

Personalized Attention.
• An unprecedented level of personal involvement.
• At least 3- 4 visits per month.
• Photo updates for you to have a peace of mind
• Contactable 24 hours a day: On email, mobile.
• Your Land Listed Free of charge on our websites if you decide to sell your land.

Attention to Detail
• Computerized monthly reports and complete monthly accounting to keep you informed of all expenditure & income.
• Professional Follow-Up
• Carry out all maintenance (if & when required) promptly using professional, skilled and reliable personal.
• Evaluate and assess responsibility for any damages that may occur, then examine all repair work and approve invoices.
• Get you the best estimates to match quality of work.

If you need a Reliable & experienced service provider to manage & maintain your Property/Land

We are the right company for you !!!

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